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H&M sale buys from Austria

One thing I never do, is go to H&M in sale. I even find it hard to go to any H&M in Amsterdam on normal days. It’s always completely stuffed with people, no chance to really seek through the racks, and you just want to get that pair of socks you need and get out of the building as soon as possible. That’s on normal days. When their stuff is discounted it is complete madness as the entire country shows up in Amsterdam.

My niece and I went to Feldkirch in Austria a couple of days ago, and stepped into H&M as it’s the only kind of decent store in the city. All I could see was lots of space to walk, racks with further discounted clothing, and no people… seriously, what an experience. I ended up picking as much out of the racks till I couldn’t hold it anymore, quickly tried on the stuff, and chose my favorites out of the bunch.

Paying for these things I ended up with 7 pieces, at a total of only €47… a true steal thinking of the fact there were lots of items between the pile that I already had my eye on for months!

From left to right, top to bottom: sheer beige blouse €7, orange leopard tee €3, pink layered top €7, dark beige sweater €5, beige blouse €10, sheer black blouse €10, tomato red skirt €5

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3 COMMENTS to “H&M sale buys from Austria”

  1. Suzanne schreef:

    die blouse vind ik echt mooi!

  2. Lucija schreef:

    That are some great finds!



  3. trouble schreef:

    Love this skirt.

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