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First day at ILFN

So, big news, today I started my new job at ilovefashionnews.nl, also known as ILFN! For the ones that don’t know the website (yet); ILFN is a Dutch fashion website containing all the newest gossip, streetstyles, diaries, trends, lookbooks, designer collaborations and more, and today was my kick-off being the new Fashion Editor. It felt kind of strange to write in Dutch since I always write in English, but I managed to write quite a few articles and took home some really good sponsored organic coockies… Who wouldn’t want to get paid in coockies?

Excuse me for wearing so much black lately, guess I’m in a ‘classic’ mood….will try to pop in more color soon!

Zara beige jacket / vintage black ruffle dress / H&M bag / Bagatt black brogues / bullet necklace by me

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6 COMMENTS to “First day at ILFN”

  1. maruschka schreef:

    Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan!

  2. Suzanne schreef:

    aah wat leuk dat je daar gaat werken zeg! lijkt me een super baan!

  3. jhianne schreef:

    when it comes to hues, i always love black.. and this all-black outfits is certainly a fashion hit for me…

  4. Mijbil schreef:

    Hi! I used to read your blog years ago, and I remembered you as a very young girl..you have changed a lot! You’re even more beautiful then when you were younger, and I like better your latest style too :)
    Hugs from Venice, Italy
    (from a girl who couldn’t care less about fashion, I fear :P )

  5. Cylia schreef:

    die jurk staat je echt zooo goed!:) gefelicteerd met je nieuwe baan;)

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks darlings!

    @Mijbil: I have changed a lot indeed! It’s been four years now since I have this blog, so there’s a lot of my life on the world wide web. Thanks :)

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