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september 4, 2013 1

Short film: Once Upon a Time in Italy

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55DSL decided to look beyond the tourist brochure and highlighted some other features of Italy in their new campaign film called ‘Once Upon a Time in Italy’. Forget the breathtaking nature and beautiful wines for once – well, not really, but you get the point – and try to focus on some of the issues […]

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augustus 20, 2013 2

Film tip: The Conjuring

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So lets talk about something other than fashion for once: movies! You can find me on the couch watching a series or a movie a lot – of course accompanied by a big bowl of noodles, glass of white and cuddly blanket. And if available, one cuddly boyfriend. One of my guilty pleasures definitely is […]

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juli 23, 2012 0

Henk Schiffmacher tattoos the Volvo V40 during Fashion Week

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Fashion and tattoos wil always be a rad combination and gladly Volvo thinks te same. As a support to Amsterdam Fashion Week and the Gestuz catwalk show they sponsored, Volvo called in the help of one of the greatest tattoo artists of The Netherlands: Henk Schiffmacher. It’s the first time the brand got one of […]

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juli 2, 2012 1

Mercedes-Benz launches platform about style

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It’s always nice to see established brands taking their views on life to the next level. Mercedes-Benz just launched a new platform all about style, called mb!. Besides creating a platform for international news about style, it also gives Dutch talent the possibility to expose their work, which is of course always something good! Above […]