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juli 26, 2011 3

H&M sale buys from Austria

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One thing I never do, is go to H&M in sale. I even find it hard to go to any H&M in Amsterdam on normal days. It’s always completely stuffed with people, no chance to really seek through the racks, and you just want to get that pair of socks you need and get out […]

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november 22, 2010 4

Lanvin for H&M

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The womenswear and accessories for the Lanvin for H&M collection launching tomorrow at 08:00AM. I am madly in love with that tule fifties ballerina dress! Madly! Might order it, to see the quality… and see if it’s worth it’s €199… Why that much! Or maybe I’ll draw a pattern of it… haha. No Renée, stop […]

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juni 16, 2010 5


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My heart stopped for a minute. I ordered the dress, and it was mine. A few days later I recieved an email it had run out of stock. My heart stopped for a minute again. Stupid Topshop.

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