One of my goals in life was moving to Amsterdam, which I made happen right after I turned eighteen years of age. This still is the place where I live, work and enjoy the small town feeling of this capital city. I’m currently available as a freelance editor/copywriter/proofreader and working on another dream business I’ll be launching in 2018.

In my spare time I love listening to classic R&B and soul, travel as much as I can, splurge on Asian food, (still) purchase more shoes than my feet can wear and also like me some Netflix with a glass of red and a home cooked meal.

I do appreciate growing up in one of the smallest villages of them all and enjoying nature to the fullest, but moving from such a town to the capital of this country also makes me enjoy Amsterdam at a maximum. Whether it’s the next door drunks and noisy trams to beautiful canals and great restaurants: I love every part of it.


Renée Sturme

Disclaimer: I occasionally receive brand sponsorships for mentioning products and services. Most of the time these will be personally selected goods and favorites; things I would also purchase myself if not sponsored. I try to keep this to just a small selection and therefor also decline many requests; it is important for me to stay true to my own style regardless if something is sponsored or not.

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