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Lanvin for H&M

The womenswear and accessories for the Lanvin for H&M collection launching tomorrow at 08:00AM. I am madly in love with that tule fifties ballerina dress! Madly! Might order it, to see the quality… and see if it’s worth it’s €199… Why that much! Or maybe I’ll draw a pattern of it… haha. No Renée, stop it, that’s just your fifties craze.. It IS too expensive. The red shoes, black shades and long brown furry coat are also good…. Not to forget about the coral red earrings and necklace. Which are your favorites?

And how do you feel about designers collaborating with retail brands like H&M? Don’t you think the prices overall are still a bit high? Personally I think that even though it’s a collaboration between H&M and Lanvin, it still has an H&M tag on the inside…

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4 COMMENTS to “Lanvin for H&M”

  1. Bonnie schreef:

    I’d love to have the asymmetrical skirt!

  2. Forever Petite schreef:

    Ik vond de collectie niet echt geweldig. Er zaten her en der wel leuke dingen tussen, maar vond het voor H&M toch te duur.

  3. Nienke schreef:

    heb je wat kunnen bemachtigen? of toch maar niet gedaan?

  4. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Nee, had geen zin om er tijd voor te maken, haha… En te duur voor wat het is ;)

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