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oktober 12, 2016 1

Joan Miró

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I’ve been on the nicest trip to Mallorca (to my overseas guests: it’s an island in Spain, close to Ibiza) and one of my favorite hotspots for sure was the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, in which amazing art and stunning architecture come together. If you ever visit Palma, be sure to stop by! It’s […]

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oktober 18, 2010 0


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The hotels/rooms we stayed at… Especially loved hotel Espléndido in Port de Soller. It was really modern in an art style I’m actually not interested in, but it all just suited each other so perfectly which made it feel really cosy. Definitely the place to go when you stay at Mallorca! Lovely views, nice pools, […]

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oktober 17, 2010 8


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First pictures of my trip to Mallorca… Didn’t bring my digital SLR because both of my lenses are broken/defect, but I guess this will do. Pictures above are taken by my aunt in Capdepera, excuse me for the cheesy posing with a car, but yes I did like it… It was a bit breezy and […]

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oktober 7, 2010 7

Bright blue sea and bright blue sky

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Bye-bye, see you in a week, off to Mallorca! You know I actually have to take tram 13, then take the train at platform 13, my seat number is also 13, and I’m leaving at 13:00… Can you imagine?

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