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First pictures of my trip to Mallorca… Didn’t bring my digital SLR because both of my lenses are broken/defect, but I guess this will do. Pictures above are taken by my aunt in Capdepera, excuse me for the cheesy posing with a car, but yes I did like it… It was a bit breezy and still morning, which is the reason I’m wearing the cardigan, half an hour later it was warm again!

In short the trip included lots and lots and lots of very good food (mainly garlic starters, fish main courses and chocolate desserts), lots of different hotels, and we’ve seen the complete coastline! Started in Palma, then went East, North, West and back to Palma again in the South, all in a little rented girly car.

ELLE cardigan / ebay dress / vintage bag and shoes.

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8 COMMENTS to “Capdepera”

  1. Rania schreef:

    Love. Beautiful photos, and you’re beautiful too.

  2. Daniel Jacques schreef:

    Hey…how come both of your lenses broke? You’re such a wiiiild girl. You need to get a a grip you know.


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  4. tjaala schreef:

    beautiful. love your outfit.

  5. vio schreef:

    really beautiful!

  6. Lisa schreef:

    you look wonderful :)

  7. Camie schreef:

    looking good jane!

  8. Suzanne schreef:

    die jurk staat je heel mooi!

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