juni 5, 2021 0

Trip down memory lane

Took a little trip home to my family recently to clean the attic and I’m still in shock of all the things we stumbled upon. And well, also in shock of the things I did not stumble upon, sadly, but trying very hard to forgive, accept and forget *insert smile with tear emoji*. Apart from some beautiful beads I used to collect as a child and hadn’t seen for so many years, we found so much porcelain plates, teapots and a ton of old catalogues. And it ended up being the Klingel shop catalogue that took me back to so many childhood memories of making imaginary shopping lists… Did you do so as well as a kid? I used to create a shopping list for pretty much every catalogue that fell on our doorstep, office furniture (hi, Topdeq) and grocery stores included. And well, couldn’t help myself and had to look up the Klingel online shop, which surprisingly evolved and moved with the times very well. What was your favorite catalogue as a kid?

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