maart 18, 2021 0


Still here! Just very busy behind-the-scenes and starting several cool projects – which in the end will definitely be shared with you all of course. Looking forward to a proper balance in on vs. offline and I’ve found a beautiful way to do exactly that. More on that later.

Going to visit my family soon in the Austrian mountains and got a feeling my yoga pants for once won’t seal the deal during the hikes we have planned. So I paid a visit to the Bergfreunde online shop for some new gear and found a really nice pair of hiking leggings. I won’t be splurging on hiking boots as we luckily wear the same size. Customer service was good too. If you’re looking to see which stores are equally trustworthy, you may want to have a look at this online reviews page.

Vintage blouse, H&M jeans, Hvisk purse, Aphrodia ring

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