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New favorite: LUZ jewelry

After having worn waaaaay too much jewelry in my early teens, I had quite the phase of not wearing anything besides a couple of inherited pieces from my family. Since about a year I’m finally opening up my eyes again in search of beautiful minimalistic pieces, and even though I’ve found a couple of pretty ones, it’s a little sad they’re often pretty expensive. Tonight a new label launched in The Netherlands, which makes these simple pieces more affordable but also way easier to get your hands on (as much as I love labels from the States, I’m not really fond of the import taxes).

LUZ is a collection which consists of the most simple, basic pieces of decent quality and a doable price tag. The jewelry is durable, made of gold- and silver filled steel and available through Sacha. Interested in seeing the collection? On July 16 and 17 there will be a LUZ pop-up store at Haarlemmerdijk 41 in Amsterdam, open from 10:00 till 17:00. I already got my hands on two pieces: the gold necklace with a little heart pendant and a silver piece with a rosé gold bar. Time to expand…

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