oktober 9, 2011 11

Two toned doll mania

renee sturme fashion fillers black lace dress brogues

I insisted to wear a sleeveless dress, but still ended up wearing a cardigan on top the entire day… So extremely cold out here! Me and my roommate have been on the lookout for nose rings for a very long time, and I found these pretty cool real nose rings online. I’m still not sure whether I’m gonna go for it some time, she’s got a fake one though! I just love chic girls with hardcore nose rings.

H&M lace dress and two toned brogues / random sash / Prada bag

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11 COMMENTS to “Two toned doll mania”

  1. Jade schreef:

    pretty! :)
    love the shoes!

  2. YANA schreef:

    wow! amazing outfit.
    you are so pretty.

  3. Laura schreef:

    Nice outfit dear!

  4. Marie schreef:

    Girl, you are gorgeous!

  5. chrissi schreef:

    That dress is so cute! Looks great with the sash.


  6. Lucy schreef:

    Mooi! Die schoentjes zijn echt schattig.
    Leuk jurkje ook!
    X, Lucy

  7. Nienke schreef:

    Ik zeg doen! Ik heb een neuspiercing sinds juli en heb alleen maar positieve reacties erop gehad. Behalve dan van m’n oma ;) bedankt voor de link naar de site, ik heb al wat mooie goodies gezien!

  8. Maria schreef:

    Oh the shoes are awesome!

    Maria Jernov


  9. decimalshoes schreef:

    cute dress :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  10. Leonie schreef:


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