juli 3, 2010 5

Oh dear Jeffrey

Three pairs of black Jeffrey Campbell wedges, through Karmaloop. Too be honest with you I even ordered the first pair (just before they were completely sold out), but I sent them back… I believe they are truly fantastic, and even comfortable, but just that little bit too much over my maximum…

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5 COMMENTS to “Oh dear Jeffrey”

  1. ECH schreef:


  2. Nienke schreef:

    Oooh jammer! Maximum van je budget?

  3. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Oh, nee dát net niet, maar meer maximum van heftigheid… Haha…

  4. masha schreef:

    what a wonderful shoes!!! omg


  5. Lianne schreef:

    Oh wow!were they just far too expensive!thay are so gorgeous though!

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