april 8, 2010 6

Last week / Summary

Loraine & Fayette, Aanwijsstokjesmuseum, Het Perron, breakfast, shoes, reunited with my record player, cooking, Renske & Tes, new H&M dress, and an over-populated Amsterdam.

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6 COMMENTS to “Last week / Summary”

  1. masha schreef:

    you’re pictures are so beautiful! you have always a camera at you) you make pictures all time?)

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks. Yes, always ;)

  3. curly. schreef:

    love those boots in the 4th picture!

  4. Karolina schreef:

    Unique shoots!! :)

  5. modedamour schreef:

    leuke fotos! je poesje is zoo mooi!!

  6. Martin-Oliver schreef:

    hele leuke foto’s!

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