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oktober 26, 2015 2


By in daily outfits

As you might have noticed on Instagram I’ve been at the Greek island Kos for a week and had the most incredible time. Advantages of going off-season means having all the space you could ever wish for, a front row seat at every seaside restaurant and perfect Indian Summer temperatures instead of blazing hot desert […]

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juni 18, 2013 4


By in daily outfits

I decided to give the far-famed crop top a try and ran into New Look to get a couple of cheap and simple ones. Because the shorts made the ensemble a little too bare for a regular day, I dressed down by wearing these two pieces together with a voluminous jacket and Doc’s. How do […]

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juni 10, 2013 5

Pattern crazy

By in daily outfits

Okay, so I went a little all out with this, but for some reason I felt like these two patterns were screaming for each other. Maybe because they arrived at my doorstep together, or maybe I’m thinking nonsense. Either way, it did happen. Just got back from the very sunny and lovely Belfast! Pictures by […]

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