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New beauty favorites from SkinCeuticals

Having a sensitive – and mostly, extremely dry skin – it’s no wonder I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products and brands to hit the market. Earlier this month I was lucky enough to discover SkinCeuticals: an already popular brand internationally, that has (finally!) been launched in The Netherlands as well.

Being not just any other skin brand, SkinCeuticals develops their skin range from a pharmaceutical point of view, meaning it has taken years (and sometimes even decades) to perfect a certain product. I’m always intrigued by these types of products because it’s so important for me not to simply read and accept a statement, but actually seeing the research that was done to accomplish these results.

The brand’s vision is to deeply improve the health and quality of the skin – not to just make it look better for a short period of time. Years and years of skin cancer research was what actually led to the composition of these products with many active ingredients, and what became the base of these ‘cosmeceuticals’ of which SkinCeuticals was the founding father worldwide.

Testing period
I’ve been testing some of their products in a three-step routine called ‘Prevent, Correct, Protect’. First up is one of SkinCeuticals’ groundbreaking antioxidant treatments called ‘C E Ferulic‘, which stands for the actual ingredients in the product. Vitamin C and E are the main active ingredients, preventing the skin from damage, and even after just a week I certainly found my skin to feel more alive.

Next up is Correct, using the Retexturing Activator. Having anything but a smooth skin, this product was the one I was most curious about – and it delivered! I can’t seem to understand how it exactly works, but my skin feels so much more even to the touch, with less bumps down the road.

The final product of my routine is a protection formula called ‘Ultra Facial Defense’, focused on sun protection, with an SPF of 50+. Where this number might get you thinking of sticky, white substances, this product is nothing like you’ve seen and tried before. Even having such a high protection, it’s a smooth product that actually moisturizes your face whilst still being able to apply concealer or foundation appropriately.

SkinCeuticals is becoming more accessible in The Netherlands by the day; you can check the availability online or with your local salon or skin professional if interested! I’m sure loving the products and wish I found out about this range at an earlier time.

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  1. Stephanie schreef:

    those all sounds like great skin care products!

  2. Monika schreef:

    Wow, the products look so good!


  3. marjolein93 schreef:

    Oeh die moet ik eens gaan proberen!

  4. AMANDLA schreef:


    – AMAND_LA

  5. Shaya's Corner schreef:

    Packaging looks good (sucker for pretty looking products too!)

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