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Happy (almost) Father’s Day!

So, first of all: please dad, look away if you’re checking this! I thought it would be nice to share some Father’s Day suggestions so picked a few of my favorite items to gift my dad. I don’t know about your dad, but mine is pretty much the practical type. I mean, he does know what definitely not to wear, but does show up in cargo pants when he has a busy day outdoors. Which I understand. Still, I kinda feel responsible for his choices, because of the practical type he is, and therefore do love to gift him something pretty of which I’m also sure he’ll actually wear it.

Stuff like a nice bottle of wine, fresh socks or a couple of magazines is clearly always a good idea, but this year I wanted to go for something else! If your dad is of the awkward-sporty-sunglasses-wearing kind, I definitely suggest a pair of Clubmasters – always a good fit. For this Father’s Day I personally decided to go for a new shirt though – mostly because I just really fell in love with it! The color, the material, the print: all the details are just perfect. If you’d like to see your dad in this Tommy Hilfiger shirt as well – or your boyfriend, what’s not to love – I surely suggest taking a look at ADAM.nl for a whole lotta more gifts.

Henry London watch / Ray-Ban Clubmaster / Tommy Hilfiger shirt via ADAM / Our Amsterdam vodka

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  1. Stephanie schreef:

    Those are great sunniest and a great shirt. :)

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