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Christmas gift idea: my favorite handmade jewelry

I know how hard the struggle can be of finding your loved ones the perfect Christmas gift, so thought I’d help! If there’s anything we’ve probably all had enough of, it’s plastic-like jewelry from large factories, which will most likely fade in color in just a few weeks. I must confess I’ve had a lot of these pieces in my teenage years, but now completely switched to durable materials. Quality – or even handmade – jewelry is simply something you will keep forever and therefore completely worth it’s price tag.

If you haven’t heard of UncommonGoods before, I’d love to give you a brief introduction. This privately-owned retailer from Brooklyn was founded in 1999 and creates stunning jewelry in harmony with the environment. Not only there are no animals or people hurt, the lowest paid personnel still ears 50% above the minimum wage. My favorite thing is the fact they provide a platform for designers and the largest part of the jewelry you can find online is actually made in the USA. Therefore UncommonGoods also has a B seal, which means they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Also, if you’re ever in the area, you could do a Studio Tour to find out yourself how the workspaces look and actually meet the designers responsible for the stunning jewelry. Not in the area, but you’d love to create something yourself? There are several jewelry design challenges from time to time in which you could take part in.

I made a selection of my favoriete pieces, which you can see above. See anything you like? I would love to know your faves! Also, if you’d love to make a purchase for a loved one (or yourself, obviously) it’s quite nice to know UncommonGoods donates $1 for every purchase to a non-profit of your choice. Since they started, 12 years ago, there have already been a million dollars donated! Click here to find out more about this amazing online shop.

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  1. celyn schreef:

    loving this idea! thanks for sharing!


  2. M&MFASHIONBITES schreef:

    Nice photo :)
    Maria V.

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