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Holiday inspiration: Peru

Is it just me or does going on a holiday actually make you even more excited to travel again? I just got back from Thailand a couple of weeks ago but already can’t wait to go on another journey! Now I’ve finally been able to mark Asia off my list, it seems it’s time for South America. Recently I’ve been daydreaming about Peru after seeing some incredible photo series and this video makes me want to go even more.

It seems like this country just has so much to offer; from breathtaking nature to the most amazing food I can’t wait to try (you might know how much of a foodie I am – and even dare to use the word). Earlier this year in Portugal I discovered the fun of actually being active on a holiday and I totally loved it; Peru seems to be great for climbing the mountains, trekking along the Inca Trail and even sandboarding in the coastal dunes. It’s nature is one of the most diverse in the world, including the Amazon jungle but also a beautiful coastline and of course the Andes mountains. There’s dreamy beaches and also countrysides that may be called mythical, such as Lake Titicaca. Got to include a little bit of romance, right?
Normally I always look for a combination of beautiful nature but also some modernity when I go on a trip (and end up doing way too much) and this seems what Marca Peru has to offer. There’s a fine range of designer hotels along the coast, including a rich variety in different cuisines, but also entertainment, art, design and more. I sure can’t wait to visit!
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