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Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2014

Stella always creates a couple of looks I’m simply not able to resist. These are my faves! Stella McCartney, Pre-Fall 2014.

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5 COMMENTS to “Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2014”

  1. carol schreef:

    SHE’s getting better and better season by season


  2. Q schreef:

    my love for her continues…


  3. It's About L.A schreef:

    The collection looks really cool, I love what she creates!

  4. Dana schreef:

    Great collection :)

    I invite you to visit my blog:


  5. Anja Skrba schreef:

    Stella is, AS ALWAYS, very original!
    Every girl should have something of hers. My start recomendation: DRESS

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