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Film tip: The Conjuring

So lets talk about something other than fashion for once: movies! You can find me on the couch watching a series or a movie a lot – of course accompanied by a big bowl of noodles, glass of white and cuddly blanket. And if available, one cuddly boyfriend. One of my guilty pleasures definitely is the horror genre. I think it's a shame there aren't that many (good) ones made anymore, but this new horror movie definitely gets me excited.

The Conjuring will hit the Dutch cinemas September 5th and is actually inspired by true events, which makes me get even more interested to see. The plot follows two paranormal investigators called Ed and Lorraine Warren whilst trying to help a haunted family, scared by a dark presence in their home. The story itself is set in 1971, the year Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family in the dilapidated Rhode Island farm house in which all these strange things start to happen. The source in their home seems to be very powerful and targeting the Perron family wherever they go, escalating in nightmarish terror and also leaves the Warren's trapped in a terrifying situation.
Perfect for all of you thrill seekers and horror loving readers out there, I'm sure this is one to look out for! Watch the trailer above for a preview of the strange events happening in the movie and hopefully you'll get as excited as I am. Noteworthy: IMDB rates the film at a 7.8, which is quite high for the horror genre.
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  1. Jennifer schreef:

    Die film staat heel hoog aan mijn lijstje om bekeken te worden haha.

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