december 12, 2011 6

Glitter boots and leather sleeves

Excuse me for not being too inspiring lately, all my creative effort is being put into NSMBL! Finally got around wearing my Topshop black glitter boots… It somehow took me a while to put them on, and now I can’t seem to take them off anymore.

The very last Nelly Shoes hint is up! Here it is: “Burgemeester Wolfsen zorgt er op de treden van zijn werkplek voor dat er goed op deze Nelly-treasure wordt gelet!” Are things more clear now? Hope so! Please send your answer about the exact location to this page.

H&M Trend jacket / American Apparel jeans / H&M sweater / Topshop boots / vintage bag

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6 COMMENTS to “Glitter boots and leather sleeves”

  1. Suzanne schreef:

    mooie laarsjes!

  2. Laura_Fash schreef:

    And you can see all that effort in NSMBL :) erg super good gedaan!

  3. Yarden schreef:

    love the shoes! <3

  4. Thefashionguitar schreef:

    Super laarsjes! Love the look

    XO Charlotte

  5. puti schreef:

    love the boots dear. and the burgundy jeans is the right color for xmas :)


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