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Old school name-necklaces

The lovely people of MyNameNecklace sent me this cute sterling necklace with the word liefde as pendant, which means love in Dutch. I like how thin and slightly fragile the necklace is, us girls will probably always be positively obsessed with miniature things I guess. Instead of going for my own name I chose this word, because love simply is the best thing in the world, so why not promote it? (Excuse me if that sounds quite cheesy…It indeed does.) If you’re also interested in one of their necklaces, you can use the code ‘fashionfillers’ to get an 8% discount :) Click here for their Dutch webshop.

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5 COMMENTS to “Old school name-necklaces”

  1. Carrie schreef:

    Cut name necklace! I got mine elsewhere and wear it all the time!

  2. Tamara schreef:

    I love your blog, your photos and your outfits


  3. maruschka schreef:

    wat een supercool idee!

  4. Camie schreef:

    aah ik wil al jaren een naamkettinkje maar ben er een te grote krent voor. Misschien toch maar doen. Fijne vakantie Janie! xx C.

  5. Femke schreef:

    Which size do you have?
    Because they have ‘normal’ and a special ‘small’ size and I don’t know which one to pick (want the same as yours)

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