april 7, 2011 0


Hey guys, my page has been offline over the last couple of days because of a transition of domains in my database, glad it’s online again though. Hope it didn’t cause too much trouble. I discovered all of my posts and changes of the last month are gone, have to figure out if I can get them back! x

Update: So it seems to be only the homepage is online again, and none of the other pages or articles are working… So you can’t write any comments or see the next page. I was already wondering why I didn’t even get the annoying load of spam in! Hope to get an answer from my provider soon and get it fixed.

Second update – April 11: Everything seems to working again after talking to my provider and editing some things in my blog’s settings, so I’m very happy about that. The other problem unfortunately didn’t get solved, I lost a big amount of content and blog posts…. But at least you’re able to comment again and have a look through categories, other pages, etc! I’ll try to get it back by posting some of it again, and I have tons of outfits to still show you as the weather’s been nice!

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