augustus 24, 2008 2


I’ve been tagged by Dominique, of Boulevard de Clichy and in demand (yes, I’m exaggerating…) to write six random things about me and tag six others. So, here it goes.

1. I happen to have the ability to buy things because they’re just so darn ugly they’re beautiful.
2. I’m currently almost literally dying from boredom in this tiny tiny boring village.
3. I don’t obsessively follow any hit-series, but just adore Will&Grace and Comedy Central.
4. I’m able to only see a tiny fraction of last month’s paycheck back in my bank account and am actually feeling angry with myself because of buying some pair of shoes that were just too expensive. Yes… I!
5. I will kidnap some rich-daddy’s-kid if some one doesn’t supply me with an appartment in Amsterdam soon. Or maybe I’ll kidnap myself and just send my dad or grandpa a ransom-note, while having fun in our capital?
6. I am also willing to let you know not to take this post too serious.

Feel free to continue this or not. I’m tagging these great persons: WendyB, Diana, Lana, Monika, Marisa and Rumi.

2 COMMENTS to “Tagged”

  1. Lana schreef:

    Thanks voor het taggen! En ik kan je begrijpen met het niks overhouden op je banksaldo en jezelf daarvan de schuld geven. Stiekem wil ik het altijd op iemand anders afschuiven, hihi!

  2. WendyB schreef:

    Yes, ma’am!

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