One of my goals in life was moving to Amsterdam, which I accomplished in 2009. This still is the place where I live, work and enjoy the small town feeling of this capital city. I’m a fulltime editor at NSMBL: one of the largest online magazines on women’s lifestyle in The Netherlands.

In my spare time I love listening to classic R&B and soul, splurge on vegetarian food, purchase way too many shoes, visit festivals and be a couch potato, enjoy a glass of prosecco and actually seldomly go back to my hometown in the south of the Netherlands.

I do appreciate growing up in a tiny village and enjoying nature at the fullest, but moving from such a town to the capital of this country also makes me enjoy Amsterdam at the max. This includes the fact that there are always people on the streets you walk, the beautiful canals, the everywhere socializing; even the dirty streets and sounds of public transport.

What interests me a lot are contrasts; from art to people and outfits. I am a Taurus, stubborn and creative, a real optimist, dream the most wicked dreams, appreciate sarcasm and the little things in life.


Renée Sturme

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