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juli 23, 2012 0

Henk Schiffmacher tattoos the Volvo V40 during Fashion Week

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Fashion and tattoos wil always be a rad combination and gladly Volvo thinks te same. As a support to Amsterdam Fashion Week and the Gestuz catwalk show they sponsored, Volvo called in the help of one of the greatest tattoo artists of The Netherlands: Henk Schiffmacher. It’s the first time the brand got one of […]

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februari 6, 2011 6


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Sources: Fashion Squad, Fashion Toast, Grand Theft Thrift, am-lul, luxirare, pretty in leather, the haute pursuit, vintage is the new black, never on wednesday. Tried to get my hands on the beautiful striped bow blouse on the first picture, but it went up too high for me, what a shame! Really, really, really wanted to […]

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december 30, 2010 10

Kat von D

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A big influence and motivation over the past years, to me, has been Kat von D. The beautiful, extravagant, tough but sensitive, and selfmade woman behind some of the best tattooed portraits, books, LA ink, and more. Kat was the one that actually made me took the final step in exploring the world of tattoos, […]

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