november 2, 2021 0

Mean green

Over the past three years I’ve acquired a quite unexpected love for all things green, from cozy sweaters up to glassware. And the meanest green of all must be my new wallet. I’ve been using a tiny zipped purse for years now, that was officially just worthy of coins, so thought it was time for a little upgrade. And very content with the final choice.

On a different note I also wanted to update you on a page I recently stumbled on, that is called To Be Dressed. They offer great deals on many popular brands, like Nubikk, Nike and Fabienne Chapot. I can’t really remember the last time I’ve walked into an actual store ā€“ guess we can blame it on the strange world we’re currently living in ā€“ and for some reason I’ve been sticking to the same online shops for a while. Have you too? Or have you been expanding your (online) horizon? Came across the shop through ReviewsBird, that highlights many online fashion stores and offers ratings for each. Do check ‘em out if you have a minute.

Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini wallet

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