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Clothing & accessory tips for the romantic minimalist

Believe it or not, romantic looks can also qualify as minimalist fashion, and this post is all about helping you achieve that clean, balanced silhouette in your closet while still looking feminine and flirty. Slip dresses, print mixing, and, yes, even ruffles can be a part of a minimalist’s repertoire. With the right cut and accessories, you’ll be able to incorporate romanticism, one of SS 2016’s most popular and prettiest trends, seamlessly into your no-fuss wardrobe.

Slip Dress
A slip dress is the perfect piece for a minimalist’s closet, while still appearing romantic and feminine. With a midi length cut, thin strap, and solid color, like a soft minty green-blue hue, this would be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Refinery 29’s staff are all over this trend and even suggest pairing with a thin black choker. In addition to that, I’d recommend a lightweight moto jacket (the less adorned, the better), and a pair of simple black heels that lace up around the ankles for a look that’s date-night ready.

Print Play
The way I’d suggest wearing prints for minimalists, while still incorporating that romantic vibe, is by choosing one statement piece with very clean lines. Like a pair of trousers, coat, or skirt that features a soft, medium to large scale floral print over top a white or off-white background. Once you’ve found the perfect piece, make sure the rest of your look is also monochromatic, by choosing other off-white pieces, like tops, shoes, handbag, etc., to pair it with. Choosing lighter colors will work best for summer, and the touch of floral is very romantic.

Ruffle Details
Ruffles aren’t off limits for the minimalist’s wardrobe, and Lyst’s editorial team knows just how romantic a lovely they can be, so focusing on placement and overall design is the key to making it work. They suggest opting for ruffled sleeves, rather than elaborately adorned dresses or skirts, and ensure that the rest of the top is cleanly cut and solid in color. Pair the blouse with simple pants and shoes with minimal accessories.

Oversized sunglasses are a great accessory to own thanks to their peeper protecting properties and stylish good looks, plus they’re perfect for the romantic fashion minimalists. The oversized look is very feminine, and by choosing a monochrome look with few embellishments, they’re also very simple and chic. Pair your large sunnies with your outfits when you want to make a statement and turn heads.

Mini Handbags
The handbag has gone micro and it’s the cutest little accessory to add to your romantic minimalist wardrobe—just not too many if you’re trying to cut down on the closet clutter. Over at the fashion-forward site POPSUGAR, the writers have also touched on how popular these tiny totes have become, and I really like the compilation of simple purses they’ve picked. With clean lines, solid colors, and strategic embellishments, they’re the perfect fit for the minimalist wardrobe. Choose pretty, feminine colors and round shapes to keep up that romantic feel.

With so many great trends for summer, it’s nice to know that even the minimalists of the world can easily partake in the fashion fun. Romanticism is all about beautiful silky and softly colored textiles, as well as feminine and flirty details. By keeping silhouettes clean and patterns, embellishments, and accessories to a minimum, you’ll be rocking this look all summer long.

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