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Hi again, Paris!

Soooo… I went to Paris again. Third time in three months. This city just really turned into my happy place, so I feel the urge more and more to go there often. The weather was quite nice compared to Amsterdam, but I mostly really can’t wait until the summer heat arrives. Paris definitely is the most beautiful during the summer months. For now it was just eating e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and walking everywhere, which was close to perfect as well.

Acne Studios coat / Levi’s jeans / H&M top / Alexander Wang purse / Adidas sneakers

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7 COMMENTS to “Hi again, Paris!”

  1. Minau schreef:

    Very nice look!

  2. Monika schreef:

    Love this coat!

  3. Patricia schreef:

    Pretty! I love that coat!

  4. Liza schreef:

    Very nice look!

  5. MODENOVA schreef:

    What a beautiful look! We really like your pictures and style!
    Best, MODENOVA I

  6. Nana schreef:

    I really love the pink dress (L)

  7. Janneke schreef:

    It looks great!

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