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New obsession: tiny photo books

So as you might have noticed on Instagram I got a little new obsession creating these super cute photo books; not only for my own pictures but also to finally have a medium for inspiring outfits! On the pictures above you can see a photo book I made of a recent Paris trip, but I’ve also been working on an inspirational photo book with looks from my favorite bloggers, for those kind of days you think you’ve got nothing to wear. They were both made with the Albelli app (download here for iPhone and Android), which kind of seems too easy not to use! I’d say lets give it a try. You can find way more examples on Instagram via the hashtag #uitdepocket. Definitely worth checking out, since we seem to take so many pictures but kind of forget to do something with them in the end…

Dutch Vogue / Albelli photo book / Balenciaga Florabotanica / MAC lipstick / Daniel Wellington watch

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  1. Marije schreef:

    Ahhh zo’n leuk boekje!

    xox, Mar

  2. AMANDLA schreef:



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