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Leopard Sixth

I guess I’ve been wanting a couple of Casio watches around my arm since I was about fourteen years old, but somehow never really pursued in buying them. Years later, I now finally scored these two! Of course the burgundy one is a fave (since it’s my all time favorite color), but I also ‘needed’ a big one to go with it. Such classic pieces right?

Voor de Dutchies: de horloges zijn van de Nederlandse sieradenwebshop Bouman Online en kosten maar €25 en €30! In de shop kan je verder ook terecht voor Buddha to Buddha, Calvin Klein, Mi Moneda, en veel andere horloges en sieraden.

Oasis shorts / Lindex sweater from 2dayslook / Mango purse / Casio watches / Pam brogues / Firmoo sunglasses

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5 COMMENTS to “Leopard Sixth”

  1. milex schreef:

    you rocked my heart

  2. Ray-Ban Gal92 schreef:

    I like your round sunglasses, It’s look like a Ray-Ban.

  3. Karolin schreef:

    Love the sweater!

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