april 26, 2012 9


Got tired of the blonde hair, so changed it to brown and definitely liking it a lot more! Guess I’m gonna stick to this for a long time. Well, hopefully. Hopefully I won’t get bored again.

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9 COMMENTS to “Chocolate!”

  1. ik vind dit je ook mooier staan. very classy!

  2. Karolin schreef:

    Nice. Thinking about going darker myself. And shorter.

  3. eyeliah schreef:

    I really like it, highlights your natural beauty.

  4. Laura schreef:

    Staat je heel goed! Mooi :)

  5. Anna schreef:

    Héél mooi :)

  6. Nuage schreef:

    Tu es de plus en plus belle !

  7. Tessa schreef:

    Ik vind het je beter staan dan blond.

  8. Maud schreef:

    It suits you very well!

  9. Porselein schreef:

    staat je goed!

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