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Buckles ’n studs

buckles studs renee sturme fashionfillers

So, I’ve changed a little something with relation to the content. From now on I will be supplying links to webshops at the end of each daily outfit post, which will bring you to the product I’m wearing, so you can buy it as well if you want! If I can’t find the exact item online, the link will bring you to a similar product, so you can still somehow ‘shop my outfit‘. Try it out at the end of this post!

I’m off to my grandmother’s now for a little family weekend in the South. Probably won’t be doing a lot because I won’t have any access to the internet and it’s raining so probably no possibilities to go for a walk… Which will most likely result in a foodie-weekend consisting of high-calorie meals and homemade cupcakes.

What do you think of my jacket by the way? I’ve been wanting a new black leather jacket for a while, when I thought of the fact I still had one hanging in my closet full of fringes. So I cut 95% of the fringes off! Sounds like a free jacket to me. Thanks to the lovely Anna for taking the pictures.

Topshop navy dress / Miss Selfridge black bikerjacket / H&M buckle bag / Dolce Vita buckle boots

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6 COMMENTS to “Buckles ’n studs”

  1. Suzanne schreef:

    je haar is mooi zo!

  2. thefashionguitar schreef:

    Amazing look, very high fashion

    New follower here!

    XO Charlotte

  3. Adriënne schreef:

    love the booooots

  4. Laura schreef:

    Leuke outfit! Jurkjes en rokken met die lengte zijn echt leuk!

  5. sheila schreef:

    those booties are killer! nice outfit

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