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Bas Kosters show @ Westergas – AIFW

Absolutely incredibly amazing…….the Bas Kosters runway show. The energy, the bird masks, the bright mismatched colors, the ‘real’ models, the animations; WOW. I knew that I just had to get to visit this show, as I was already sure it was going to be the best show of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, and it sure was! The final was very energetic as well, and Bas himself even did a performance together with his boyfriend, surrounded by tropical animalistic models crawling over the runway… A big thanks to Steven for making me join him.

Furthermore there were of course a couple of the world’s most known fashion bloggers, including The Chic Muse, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Miss Pandora, Fashion Squad, Stylescrapbook, all invited by Fashiolista. For high resolution shots that aren’t blurry like my ones above, check out Team Peter Stigter.

I’m still figuring out how to upload the video I shot…Made one of the final including the performance, but even though it’s HD and .MOV, I can’t seem to upload it through Flickr or YouTube…. does anyone know how to?

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3 COMMENTS to “Bas Kosters show @ Westergas – AIFW”

  1. terka schreef:

    wow, where are these shoes from?

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    United Nude, got them about 1.5 years ago.

  3. Marjolein schreef:

    Je zag er mooi uit!
    En ik upload altijd alles via vimeo, werkt prima + je kunt het makkelijk op je blog zetten.
    Je hebt alleen wel een limiet van 500MB per week dus je filmpje kan niet te groot zijn.

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