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oktober 18, 2010 0


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The hotels/rooms we stayed at… Especially loved hotel Espléndido in Port de Soller. It was really modern in an art style I’m actually not interested in, but it all just suited each other so perfectly which made it feel really cosy. Definitely the place to go when you stay at Mallorca! Lovely views, nice pools, […]

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augustus 22, 2010 9

Back in the Netherlands

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Still had a couple of shots from the last days on my camera, the other’s are on my Macbook which is still in Italy… Good food and good sun. Pictures above are taken in Garda (at lake Garda, last day in Italy) and in Nenzing (Austria).

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augustus 13, 2010 1


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So, I’m in Nenzing right now… Yesterday I found out my worst food-nightmare became reality: spinatspätzle has been taking off the menu. Imagine your favorite dish dissappearing right in front of you. (Yes, I know you’re reading this, please, please make it come back…….)

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augustus 11, 2010 9


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Bye-bye again, I’m off to Italy for about a week… Don’t know yet where I’ll be going, well, besides Salò, since I always have to go there when I’m in Italy, but let’s see if I can make it to Venice :) First a quick stop in Nenzing though, for some spinatspätzle (my ultimate favorite […]

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