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december 17, 2014 4


By in daily outfits

I’ve been wearing so many all black outfits since the weather got so bad, so mostly focusing on fabrics lately. Kind of forgot about these two pieces… Love the light and fluffy fabric of the blouse together with the black leather! Weekday Collection blouse / Mango leather shorts

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november 24, 2014 5

Buckled up

By in daily outfits

Even though I’d Iove to say I’m not thinking about holiday outfits at all, I got to admit I definitely am! During the last couple of years I usually ended up wearing an eye-catching dress and chunky ankle boots for some contrast, but I’m also thinking of possibly going all out this year. Still looking […]

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oktober 27, 2014 4

Grey Scaling

By in daily outfits

After having no success in finding a decent winter coat last year, I decided to just go with whichever I like and comes upon my path this year, even before Winter has actually arrived. Is it just me or is it impossible to find a pretty coat when you really need it? This year I’m […]

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september 26, 2014 8

Black Layers

By in daily outfits

Summer is officially over, but I’m trying to get out bare legged as long as possible (which will probably be, let’s say, two or three more days). I felt like going all black again and threw on some of my favorite layers. Pictures by Yvet. An another note, I changed my hair a bit! Nothing […]

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