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december 8, 2011 5

Streetstyle inspiration: Colors of the Sea

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I’m not a girl that’s into greens and blues, but these pictures definitely inspire me to do so. Maybe not the warmest color for Winter though? Also, the before last hint regarding the Nelly contest: “Wie deze pump weet te vinden, is in ieder geval geen dom gansje.” Please send your answers to this page […]

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oktober 7, 2010 7

Bright blue sea and bright blue sky

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Bye-bye, see you in a week, off to Mallorca! You know I actually have to take tram 13, then take the train at platform 13, my seat number is also 13, and I’m leaving at 13:00… Can you imagine?

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augustus 11, 2010 9


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Bye-bye again, I’m off to Italy for about a week… Don’t know yet where I’ll be going, well, besides Salò, since I always have to go there when I’m in Italy, but let’s see if I can make it to Venice :) First a quick stop in Nenzing though, for some spinatspätzle (my ultimate favorite […]

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juni 16, 2010 12


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F21 rolled up jumpsuit / vintage backpack.

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