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september 26, 2014 8

Black Layers

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Summer is officially over, but I’m trying to get out bare legged as long as possible (which will probably be, let’s say, two or three more days). I felt like going all black again and threw on some of my favorite layers. Pictures by Yvet. An another note, I changed my hair a bit! Nothing […]

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januari 7, 2014 5

Waxed denim

By in daily outfits

I must admit I was kind of being forced to pull on these overalls, but in the end I guess the pictures turned out better than expected. As you may know I’m not too much of an overalls kinda girl (is this even ‘a type’?) but to wear them for once was fine. Well despite […]

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augustus 30, 2012 7

Full denim

By in daily outfits

So, finally, fi-nal-ly, I’ve found a denim blouse that actually fits right and doesn’t come with a weird wash. Yay for that. Paired it with some other boyish things like black jeans, a backpack and of course the usual Clubmaster. Monki blouse / American Apparel jeans / Vagabond boots / Ray-Ban sunglasses / vintage Piero […]

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januari 16, 2012 4

New purchases: Monki

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So, yes, I cycled my ass to Monki exclusively for their sale department. What did I end up buying? The collection that just hit the stores. Do you also end up like that too often?

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