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december 21, 2015 0

New in: accessories

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As you might have noticed I turned into quite the watch lover and my collection never seems to be complete! I already own two silver Casio pieces but I’ve always had my eye on this little gold one… I love how the designs don’t change a bit: it’s the ultimate classic that was already a […]

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november 11, 2015 2

Christmas gift idea: my favorite handmade jewelry

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I know how hard the struggle can be of finding your loved ones the perfect Christmas gift, so thought I’d help! If there’s anything we’ve probably all had enough of, it’s plastic-like jewelry from large factories, which will most likely fade in color in just a few weeks. I must confess I’ve had a lot […]

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juli 15, 2014 0

New favorite: LUZ jewelry

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After having worn waaaaay too much jewelry in my early teens, I had quite the phase of not wearing anything besides a couple of inherited pieces from my family. Since about a year I’m finally opening up my eyes again in search of beautiful minimalistic pieces, and even though I’ve found a couple of pretty […]

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december 21, 2010 1

Ruby Tuesday Store – Jewelry update!

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I know, I know, after months and months, finally time to make an update to the Ruby Tuesday Store! I’m so sorry for taking this long, even though the shop has been running all the time I just couldn’t make it possible to update… busy….and stressed…. This is just a little ‘new start’, more is […]

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