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januari 3, 2012 10

Paris je t’aime

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Arrival at night… When Paris is the most beautiful Our mood for the entire week ;-) Camie at David Lynch’ club Silencio View from the Sacre Coeur Our routine of camembert, bread and white wine… This time with homemade pumpkin soup Me when I still had long, red, curly hair Napoléon’s apartment, at the Louvre […]

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december 25, 2011 3

Merry Catmas

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Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family and friends! What are your plans these days?

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juni 20, 2011 5

The LA Diary #3: Las Vegas & Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon (excuse me for my ‘moody’ face but the sun was so bright!) – Vintage boots & sunglasses (new) / Topshop top Fayette looking through the window, at the city of Las Vegas (in her new Hollywood tee) Las Vegas during daylight, quite ugly! Rooftop pool at the Stratosphere Stratosphere Casino Roxy’s Diner Fishbowl-size […]

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december 24, 2010 18

Happy Holidays!

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I’m going to try to cross the Netherlands now and get to my father before it’s midnight….. It’s stormy weather in Amsterdam, and 24-hour non-stop heavily snowing at my dad’s…… Last trip took seven hours, let’s hope I won’t break that record! Having the annual Christmas dinner tomorrow with my beloved grandparents, and I believe […]

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