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januari 22, 2016 3

Wish list: January favorites

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After all the Christmas jumpers and New Year’s Eve sequins (appreciate those as well, very much!), things I’m mostly looking forward to are clean cuts, anything cotton from tees to jeans, minimalist and fine jewelry and… fresh sneakers. Even though I own two white pairs, there’s just something that keeps you longing for an all […]

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oktober 13, 2015 0


By in daily outfits

So I’m all up (or maybe even only up) for slouchy sweaters this Fall and fell in love with this sweater so badly. The extra long sleeves might not be the most practical when at the office, but they do keep me so warm! And it’s even a little see-through… Big bonus. I teamed with […]

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augustus 3, 2015 3


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It took me a while to get adjusted to the idea of white sneakers, but after my first pair of all-white ones I’m madly in love with them! This is my second pair – yes, I know, everyone has them, but they’re just so darn comfortable. As long as you can still see a little […]

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juli 14, 2015 3

Black and white

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these trousers quite some times, but I promise: I honestly DON’T wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY. For some reason I just often end up taking pictures when I’m wearing these. Because they haven’t shown up on my blog yet, I’m hoping you’ll allow me to use […]

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