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oktober 26, 2015 2


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As you might have noticed on Instagram I’ve been at the Greek island Kos for a week and had the most incredible time. Advantages of going off-season means having all the space you could ever wish for, a front row seat at every seaside restaurant and perfect Indian Summer temperatures instead of blazing hot desert […]

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augustus 5, 2015 1

Sweater Weather

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I’ve been on the lookout for a classic grey sweater for quite a while and even though this isn’t the most plain one, I’m very much in love with it. Wearing a fancy dress is definitely a great feeling (and can also be super comfortable) but on many days all I need is a pair […]

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juli 31, 2015 5


By in daily outfits

When I think of Summer, I mostly think of pastel colored gelato, blue skies and flowers dangling from the canal bridges in Amsterdam, but also: this dress. Once purchased for a wedding, this dress definitely is one of my most show stopping pieces. The green print just screams nice temperatures and sunny skies, which is […]

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juni 9, 2015 2


By in daily outfits

After squeezing myself in a super tiny version of these zebra palazzo pants and figuring out this would leave me minus 5 centimeters to breath, I went on a hunt to find them in my size. After hunting down eBay, or lets just say the entire internet, someone seemed to have ended up with the […]

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