april 11, 2018 0

Leopard love

Some of my current favorites summed up in one outfit! Anyone who’s been following me on Instagram will probably recognize every single staple, and might know I decided upon arrival to wear this corduroy leopard jacket by The Cords & Co every single day of Spring and Summer. (Which until now still is the case. No shame.) Sorry for the bad quality by the way, the sun was already setting!

Also, in case you’ve been eyeing something pretty for awhile, don’t forget to check out the current Shopbop sale with discounts up to 25%! Use code EVENT18 until April 14th to place an order of $500 or less to get a 20% discount or $500+ to even get a 25% discount. I sure know what I’m gonna do! Spotted some really good Agolde denim… Find all details here.

The Cords & Co jacket / H&M pants / Acne Studios scarf / Fila sneakers / Red Valentino purse

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april 2, 2018 0


April and Spring have officially started and although the weather is not acting likewise, this sure doesn’t stop me from running around in tees and chiffon blouses! I received some super cute gold pieces from Elli Jewelry, a jewelry brand from Germany, and wanted to share them up close. Fluffy wintery coat still on top, of course. Soon I’ll be jetting off to a much warmer place and I’m so crazy excited only the idea of tropical hotness already keeps me up at night!

Elli Jewelry necklace and earrings / Loavies blouse / Moves by Minimum jacket

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maart 28, 2018 2

Feeling blue

Never been a navy kinda girl, but found a way to make it perfectly happen: by doing this ton sur ton, with my new silky blouse. Also, how amazing are these pants? Wide legged pants are the perfect staple, but I do sure prefer it when they accentuate the waist (a.k.a. do not simply add fifty pounds).

Moves by Minimum blouse / H&M pants / Fila sneakers / Red Valentino purse / Mango sunglasses

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maart 9, 2018 1

Terra Cotta

Finally decided to get these boots out of my shoe closet and onto my feet, and well, that was a good choice for about three hours… Had my eye on them for half a year, and when they went on sale I immediately got my hands on one of the last pairs, but ended up with faulty ones. Decided to keep them anyway! I refused to have to break in shoes for so many years (hence my 24/7 sneaker life) but gave myself the task for 2018 to start wearing my other beauties too. So far so good. Also got two amazing new pieces (or well, more than that) from the Moves by Minimum collection and wearing the blouse and jacket here. The fluffy jacket is so incredibly lightweight, but still warm, and the color of the blouse is also breathtaking – had been looking for a piece like that for so long! Got both a little oversized, like I normally do.

Moves by Minimum jacket and blouse / H&M jeans / RED Valentino purse / Mango sunnies / Zara boots

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