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december 16, 2016 5

Christmas sparkles

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English // If you know me well enough, it’s been pretty hard to miss my utter obsession with anything gold over the past years. Whether is a lurex sweater or gold cutlery: pretty much everything will get me excited. Luckily for me there’s been a LOT of gold pieces around because of the holidays, so […]

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juni 14, 2016 1

Happy (almost) Father’s Day!

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So, first of all: please dad, look away if you’re checking this! I thought it would be nice to share some Father’s Day suggestions so picked a few of my favorite items to gift my dad. I don’t know about your dad, but mine is pretty much the practical type. I mean, he does know […]

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november 11, 2015 2

Christmas gift idea: my favorite handmade jewelry

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I know how hard the struggle can be of finding your loved ones the perfect Christmas gift, so thought I’d help! If there’s anything we’ve probably all had enough of, it’s plastic-like jewelry from large factories, which will most likely fade in color in just a few weeks. I must confess I’ve had a lot […]

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juni 4, 2014 1

Holiday inspiration: Peru

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Is it just me or does going on a holiday actually make you even more excited to travel again? I just got back from Thailand a couple of weeks ago but already can’t wait to go on another journey! Now I’ve finally been able to mark Asia off my list, it seems it’s time for […]