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november 19, 2015 4

My favorite coat trend for winter

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[Sorry, this one is only for the Dutchies!] Ze zijn niet alleen heerlijk warm en comfortabel, maar ook absoluut niet weg te denken uit het straatbeeld: mantels. Je vindt ze in vele verschillende kleuren, soorten en maten, maar mijn favoriet blijft absoluut de klassieke camel variant! Heerlijk voor in de winter, maar stiekem zijn dunnere […]

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oktober 13, 2015 0

25% off on Shopbop!

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One of my daily routines (or quite possibly: guilty pleasures) before bed time is checking the newly added section on Shopbop… I don’t really visit anymore to find out about all the latest designer trends since it just takes up too much time and this way I can still keep myself updated. Or let’s […]

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juli 15, 2015 1

Fave watches

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I never thought I was gonna get this addicted to watches – mostly because of wearing waaaaay to much jewelry and watches as a teenager – but times seem to have changed. I’m absolutely in love with my leather band watches and now also the proud owner of this gold one. Cluse / Renard / […]

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juli 13, 2015 0

Wish list: Summer essentials

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It’s been a while since my latest wish list, so with Summer (as in, actual heat) coming up I decided it was time again. I also wanted to share these Selected Femme espadrilles because I’ve been wearing them so, so much lately. Kind of in need of a new pair already – that much. One […]

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