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juni 5, 2021 0

Trip down memory lane

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Took a little trip home to my family recently to clean the attic and I’m still in shock of all the things we stumbled upon. And well, also in shock of the things I did not stumble upon, sadly, but trying very hard to forgive, accept and forget *insert smile with tear emoji*. Apart from […]

maart 18, 2021 0


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Still here! Just very busy behind-the-scenes and starting several cool projects – which in the end will definitely be shared with you all of course. Looking forward to a proper balance in on vs. offline and I’ve found a beautiful way to do exactly that. More on that later. Going to visit my family soon […]

november 29, 2020 0


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We’ve returned to the cold, wet and slippery season and these chunky boots from Vagabond sure seal the deal for the upcoming months. They’re called the Bea and were exclusively designed to celebrate De Bijenkorf’s 150th birthday this year. Perfectly sturdy and comfortable.

maart 6, 2020 0


By in inspiration / streetstyle

Chunky coats and caramels for the win, this season. I will forever be a sucker for classic blacks, but all things caramel-camel-terracotta have surely started to grow on me – a lot. And combining them is a winner for me too. Weekday coat / Hvisk bag / Loavies sweater / H&M jeans / Topshop boots […]