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Roses in Paris

Hi! Still wanted to share this outfit from a recent trip to Paris. Wearing many favorites together, which does clash a bit, I know, but couldn’t stop adding prints. Recently got the Ganni rose blouse, same model as my forever favorite leopard blouse! Getting a bit addicted to Ganni perhaps… Not the best for my wallet, but these pieces do add a little something extra to your wardrobe for sure.

Also wanted to let you know that Shopbop is having a huge sale again! Time to finally get those things you’ve been wanting forever, because you will be getting a discount of at least 20% and even 25% when your order reaches $500. I am sure going to take advantage of this! Be sure to check all details here (there are some restrictions) and order by September 29th to use the discount! Use the following code: EOTS17.

Ganni blouse / Zara skirt / Chanel purse / Adidas sneakers

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  1. Beth schreef:

    I love how these patterns don’t actually clash and look amazing together, I love the stripe and floral xx

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