december 9, 2015 3

Coffee cups & pom pom heels

I spotted some super cute things at the Primark Summer Spring 2016 presentation last week and just had to share my favorites with you! To be honest I haven’t shopped at the Dutch Primark before, only stores in the U.K, but this stuff got me so excited I already went for a haul last weekend. And yes, did get my hands on way too many Star Wars goodies… Anything from Christmas lights to Yoda socks. Also: in love with these pompon heels!

3 COMMENTS to “Coffee cups & pom pom heels”

  1. yuka schreef:

    omg those pom pom heels! I wanna wear it to all my holiday parties!

  2. Sun Moon schreef:

    I’m saving this foxy lady shoes, I love them!

    Thank’s from:

  3. Ivana schreef:

    I am really curious about the Yoda socks. Shoes also look great!

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