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Black and white

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these trousers quite some times, but I promise: I honestly DON’T wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY. For some reason I just often end up taking pictures when I’m wearing these. Because they haven’t shown up on my blog yet, I’m hoping you’ll allow me to use them one last time. They ARE really comfortable to say the least.

After a couple of years of only wearing leather band watches I thought it was time for a full metal one and stumbled upon this pretty rose gold piece by Storm London. It’s not the cheap pinky type of rose gold, but actually the color it should be (at least, in my opinion). I love how it looks really classic, though when you’re holding it, the design doesn’t look too familiar or boring at all. There are a couple of modern touches to it, like the slightly curved glass and minimalist white design. Plus, even though it’s made from steel, I must say it still feels surprisingly soft. Gotta start changing up those leather band watches more…

Sandro biker jacket / H&M trousers / Ray-Ban Meteor / SPM shoes / Storm London watch

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3 COMMENTS to “Black and white”

  1. FashionMusings schreef:

    wish i had all of your accessories! also loving your new shades and watch! xo

  2. Minau schreef:

    Amazing look! So chic!

  3. Rebecca schreef:

    Great look.
    Nothing beats B&W

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